private clients

Empathy counselling offer a confidential professional service to individual clients. We aim to provide a safe and private environment from which our clients can get the best out of their counselling experience.

"In my work with clients I explain the style of counselling we can adopt and we agree an informal contract between the two of us about what the counselling sessions will look like. This is an opportunity to gauge expectations and set parameters so that we both have a clear idea of what can follow. There is no pressure on a client from myself as their counsellor and I would reiterate the person-centered/humanistic approach that we will work to. I would strive to make the counselling sessions a positive and therapeutic experience; indeed, my key motivation in becoming a counsellor was the intention to be able to help people to help themselves"

Kathleen Tinkler
Director of Counselling.

We have office space for our private clients and also a counselling room in a residential property too. The length of our sessions are 1 hour, and the time/day of appointments will be agreed between client and counsellor, or via our empathy office manager if that is the most practical solution.